FTC Team Outreach

Community Outreach by FTC Teams

Team Name       : Mad Engineers  
Team Number   : 2123 
Team Name       : GForce
Team Number   : 2142


This year team Mad Engineers and Team GForce took up a noble initiative to train an entire team of 12 nos. students from Dharavi (Mumbai) Slum area, Dharavi Dynamites. Enthused to know that they had everything needed to win the competition from Passion, Curiosity , Commitment and Willingness to learn and win the competition, additionally what Team Dharavi Dynamites needed was just the right direction.

That’s why Team GForce and Team Mad Engineers collaborated and spent hundreds of hours with them, teaching them the Game, Developing Game Strategy, Bot Construction, Planning & Writing Engineering Notebook, Java programming and Presentation.

They managed their individual team FTC preparation, routine school and Class Schedule, along with training DHARAVI DYNAMITES.

Experiencing the satisfaction of teaching and cultivating their interest in technology, they started fund raising campaign where they planned to sustain this endeavor and continue to groom them for at least the next Robotics Competition season of the FIRST TECH CHALLENGE.

Now they plan to take Dharavi Dynamites a long way as they discovered:

“As we grow we have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others


Team Name : GForce – 2142
Team Name : Mad Engineers – 2123


TRAINED & COACHED Team Dharavi Dynamites – 2134